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Do you have trouble expressing thoughts and feelings, and would you like therapy to help with this? *
Do you want our work to focus on the present and future, or more on the past? *
Are you interested in using our work together to set and achieve goals in order to make concrete changes in your life? *
Do you want a coach who primarily listen and lets you talk, or one who voices thoughts and opinions? *
Do you like to have homework, reading, or action steps to take between sessions? *
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Are you in danger or in a crisis that needs immediate attention? *
Are you able to make good decisions for yourself and those dependent upon you? *
Do you think your issue can be solved by focusing on your own feelings, behavior, and/or thinking? *
Are you interested in changing yourself and your situation? *
Do you need something or someone outside of you to change first, before you can address your own problem? *
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What gives you energy and what drains you? *
What is a typical day like for you? *
What is going well? *
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Are you worried about physical or personal safety or immediate survival *
Of all the problems you face, which need attention immediately? *
What are low priority that can be corrected over time? *
What are you proudest about in regards to your life and/or work? *
Where would you like to see yourself (in life, relationships, work, career) by the end of our work together? *
What would you want from me, as your coach, to help you reach your goals? *
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