NHERI SimCenter: State-of-Art Report
The SimCenter is in the process of updating the State-of-Art report <https://simcenter.designsafe-ci.org/media/filer_public/13/b5/13b5ba3e-f94a-48af-9d12-ca5d0abad5c1/state_of_art_report.pdf> to highlight key capabilities and gaps related to the simulation needs and research objectives outlined in the 2020 update of the NHERI Five-Year Science Plan and from other sources. To reflect the experiences and preferences of the broad community, your input is being sought for this update. Specifically, your feedback is requested on the content of last year’s report and recommendations on topics or tools to include in the upcoming version.

Four topics (Chapters, Content, Tools, and Research Gaps) and their corresponding questions are provided as guidance to formulate your recommendations.

Submissions are being accepted through May 30, 2020.
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