Four Corners SPE Scholarship Application (Current College Students)
The Four Corners Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers is pleased to offer multiple one year awards, $500-2000 each, to students who meet the criteria established under the goals of the scholarship program.

Any undergraduate scholarship awarded by the Society of Petroleum Engineers is contingent upon the recipient being officially registered at an accredited university and enrolled as a full time student in a curriculum leading to an undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering, a related discipline, or to a career in the petroleum exploration and production industry. It is also a requirement for this scholarship that the applicant satisfies at least one of the following:
1) Graduated from a high school in the Four Corners Region
2) Currently enrolled in a college in Four Corners Region
3) A dependent of SPE – Four Corners Section Member

Deadline for submission is 11:59 PM March 16, 2018

What is your full name? *
E.g. John A. Smith
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What is your home address? *
E.g. 123 Scholarship Lane, Farmington, NM 87401
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What is your phone number? *
E.g. (123)-456-8910
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What is your email address? *
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What is your date of birth? *
E.g. January 1, 1999
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What is the name and address of your parent/ guardian? *
E.g. Jack B. Smith 123 Scholarship Lane, Farmington, NM 87401
Your answer
Name of Current School *
E.g. Harvard
Your answer
Current Classification *
E.g. Freshman
Your answer
Type of Degree Pursuing *
E.g. Petroleum engineering
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Expected Graduation Date *
E.g. May 2019
Your answer
Name of Academic Advisor *
E.g. Jill Jones
Your answer
E.g. 3.0 (including Fall 2016 grades)
Your answer
Out of Max GPA *
E.g. 4.0
Your answer
How much do you plan to contribute to college expenses? *
E.g. I work 10 hours per week and contribute x amount per month or y percentage of tuition
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Outside Activities *
E.g. Waterpolo - 10 hours/ week September - April or other student organizations, church, scouting
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Employment History *
Include Employer, Employer Address, Business, Dates, Position, Part or Full time
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Provide Family Information *
List names, occupations, and SPE Member Numbers (if member) of any parent(s)/ guardian(s)/ other family member
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Provide 2 References *
Provide Name, Address, Telephone, and their relationship to you
Your answer
Essay Question #1: What do you anticipate as your future involvement with the San Juan Basin petroleum industry? *
Your answer
Essay Question #2: What has been your greatest challenge as a college student studying engineering or a related field? *
Your answer
Essay Question #3: Have you worked in any capacity in the petroleum industry (i.e. internship, field work, service company)? If so, please briefly describe the project you worked on. *
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Electronic Signature pledging intent to pursue the specified degree at the school listed above *
E.g. It is my intention to continue pursuing a XXX degree at YYY (list the school name, school city, school state). (type your name as your signature)
Your answer
I understand that this application is invalid, until an official transcript has been sent to or the address below.
Society of Petroleum Engineers Attn: Catherine Finley PO Box 1526 Farmington, NM 87499
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