Bradenton-Sarasota Campus Application
2021-22 Veritas Florida Hybrid Homeschool
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Student History: please provide a brief evaluation of the student's prior academic background. List any formal diagnosis and/or any academic concerns, mental, behavioral, or social issues that are present in your student (ex.: ADHD, etc.) NOTE: undisclosed academic, social, or behavioral issues may result in dismissal from the program. *
What is your family's church? *
Please provide a brief narrative of the parent's faith journey/testimony. *
Is the student a follower of Jesus Christ? *
Parent Signature: I certify that all the above information is true. I understand that my non-refundable registration fee must accompany this application for it to be processed and my student to be considered for the program. I understand that upon acceptance the financial contract with be remitted to me. *
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