Bectu: Unfair Contractual Terms Reporting Tool
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Bectu is concerned that productions will use the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to diminish the rates, terms and conditions of our members. The union has started receiving reports about requests to agree new contractual terms that Bectu believes to be unfair. These include:

+ unpaid hiatus,
+ exclusivity clauses,
+ shorter notice periods
+ health questionnaires that are provided prior to a job offer

We need you to tell us about any instances where you have been asked to agree to these or similar terms so that we can log this activity, and where appropriate (with your permission) intervene with a challenge.

Please ensure to include your name and details.

The union will never contact the employer without first discussing and agreeing it with you and we will not take any steps that would reveal your identity without your prior permission. Your details will not be passed on to any employer, organisation or third party.

You don't have to be a member to fill this form out, you just have to be a freelancer who regularly works within film or TV.

However, if you want to be contacted and would like advice and support from the union you must join. You can do this by visiting
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