Ready to change your relationship with Food?
Mindful Nutrition 101: FINDING FOOD FREEDOM

Where are my emotional eaters at?? What about people who hate being told that they CAN’T eat something?? Or maybe you’re just overwhelmed by all the different weight loss products and programs out there? Are you someone who just hates working out? Or maybe you like working out but you cannot seem to get a handle on the nutrition?

If you are someone who:

Loves eating out
Hates to cook
Eats takeout often
Is constantly “on a diet”
Is a weekday warrior
Beats yourself up over over eating
Loves to eat food
Is a late night snacker
Loves to travel but doesn’t know how to stay on track
Doesn’t want or like to workout
Loves to workout but struggles with food
Needs a simple easy to follow guide for how to literally be emotionally free from food right now
then this is for you!!!!

This is NOT a diet – it’s about understanding how to lose weight happily, without feeling deprived, counting calories, or cutting out entire food groups. You’ve heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen,” right? That’s why we are focusing on food as a means of weight loss while still keeping it enjoyable! The program includes 21 foundational nutrition training videos to help you dive deep into a healthy + happy mindset with food, and to learn the nutrition principles behind LIFE LONG success in your weight loss journey.

Watch the quick video below to learn a little bit more about what the Mindful Nutrition 101 group is all about:

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