PJEAS 2017 Staff Application
If you are applying for more than one position, please submit a separate application for each position. Applications are due by Saturday, Feb. 4, at 11:59 pm. Please note that no experience is required! All are encouraged to apply.

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Position Descriptions:

Copy Editor — will be responsible for the final stage of the editing cycle, ensuring there are no grammatical, style or formatting errors in each article before publication.

Layout Team – will be responsible for ensuring the proper visual presentation of both print and web editions of each volume of PJEAS. Proficiency with publication software such as InDesign required.

Finance Team – will assist the Finance Manager with keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of PJEAS’ financial transactions, soliciting funds/sponsors and interacting with ODUS.

Publicity Team –will assist the Publicity Manager with publicizing PJEAS, soliciting submissions, and managing social medial.

IT Team – will assist the IT Manager with website maintenance and updating content in the archives.

China / Japan / Korea Editorial Team — will review all submitted articles of their specialized country, ensuring the quality both in style and content of all articles eventually selected for publication.
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