Fear Setting: A Stress Test For Your Affinity
Doing Audience Discovery you have listed a number of audiences you'd like to serve. Next step -is to put this list under a stress test and see how robust your affinity actually is. Why do you need to do it? You're building a startup that lasts, don't you? Your affinity is your startup foundation. If it fails - your startup will fail too.
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Imagine you're from 5 years from now. And the level of technology has leaped to the Moon (like, literary everything has changed). Community you have tagged in your list has a totally different approach to their problems now.  Would you still want to help it? *
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Would you still be inspired by these people? *
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How technological change might impact your Affinity? *
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If I fail to find an answer to this community's problem will it be a hard blow for me? *
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From now on, I will be serving this particular community for several years. Am I comfortable about it? *
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This community has influencers. Do I respect them and want to get connected? *
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