CME/CS184 | Startup Engineering | HW2

<b>This assignment is due at 9:59am PST on Jan. 24, 2013.</b>
Please fill out the following questions after reading through lectures 3 and 4.


This week's homework is again fairly easy, but will require you to go through quite a few new Unix commands and get familiar with the EC2 environment. To confirm that you did this, please record a screencast of going through the commands in lecture 3 and 4. For lecture 3, just show yourself going through the various bash and screen keyboard shortcuts. For lecture 4, go through the all the commands executed in the lecture.

This will be useful in three ways. First, we will make our first use of peer grading to confirm that you did indeed go through all the interaction steps. Second, learning to record a simple screencast will be useful later in the class for the final project. Last, you will actually type in all the commands and get a better understanding of Unix.

<b>How to Record a Screencast</b>

1) To record a simple screencast on a Mac, use Quicktime Pro:
2) For something more sophisticated on a Mac or Windows, get Camtasia (which is not free).
3) There are many options for Windows; choose a reasonable free one from this list.

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