CCCVA Building Expansion Survey
CCCVA has established its building program for expanding its building facilities. You as a stakeholder/user of the buildings are an important part of the program. The building committee would like to understand what you want out of this building program based on your service needs and observations. We'd also like to know if you have any concerns and suggestions. The goal of this program is to maximize the outcome of this effort in a most efficient way. Your input is very important and will be considered in the final requirements and the plan of the building program. Please think about the limiting factors in the current facilities and imagine how your services in church’s ministry can be best supported by the building program. Thank you in advance for helping shape the future of the church to best serve His purpose!
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Building Expansion Requirements
The building requirements are developed for the ministry needs aligning with church's vision as outlined below:
1. Evangelism and outreach: seek and reach out to more lost souls; hold large-scale evangelistic rallies
2. Serving the community: pre-evangelism by interacting with and serving the neighboring communities
3. Multi-ethnic ministry: to further God’s kingdom in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese populations.

The following items are the initial high level requirements collected so far. Please use this as a reference to provide your input to the building requirements (focusing on the structure and functions).

1. Sanctuary/multipurpose space with 400-people capacity
2. A private room for nursing mothers to hear and observe services in the sanctuary
3. Connect the new building to the old building (if it is not to be demolished)
4. Parking spaces no less than county required, preferably 150 spaces
5. Courtyard (playground) for children outdoor activities
6. Classrooms and nursery room with windows
7. Offices for pastors and administrators with windows
8. Church library
9. Kitchen and dining place(s) for small and big events
10.Restrooms, mechanical, electrical and IT rooms
11.Maximized building gross area as allowed by county ordinances
12.Building design to accommodate phased construction

Please provide any of your desired features not listed above:
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Please provide your comments for the listed features:
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Your Thoughts on Building Program
We'd like to know your thoughts about the building program. Please answer the following questions.
What are the top three risks you perceive in the building program and your suggestions for mitigation?
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What is your choice for the old building after the new building is completed? Please elaborate at the end of the survey form.
How would you like to help with the building program?
Please provide any other suggestions or comments below:
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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