Moods Survey - Studios/Freelancers

We would love to hear from you regarding your workflow during the beginning of a client project when you're working with the client to decide the style of the design/ animation/ sound that you are going to create for them.

The questions won’t take long! We appreciate the time you’re taking to answer this survey!

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Alright, now we'd like to know about your process.
When starting a project, how important is sharing references (i.e., 3rd party images, videos, sounds, etc.) with clients?
Not that important
Super important
How many mood boards has your company made this calendar year?
Which media formats do you include in a mood board?
What tools do you use to create mood boards?
Do you personalize them with your brand?
How do you organize your references?
How do you share a mood board?
In what ways do you get feedback on a mood board?
What are some things that you don’t like about this process? or what are the most difficult things? *
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What is one feature that you think would make the process easier? *
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Have you tried to use any online app for making mood boards? Do you still use it? If not, why not? *
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