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Parent Volunteer Commitment
All cast members and their parents are members of our Aragon theater family. Each cast member parent/guardian is highly valued and is expected to participate behind the scenes. We welcome new ideas and require resources for our productions.

At least one parent/guardian must be able to volunteer their time and support towards the following:
1) Volunteer a minimum of 10 hours, prior to Tech Week, on a pre-production committee (see list below)
2) Volunteer a minimum of 10 hours during Tech Week & Performance Week (see list below)
3) Attend the following Drama Booster meetings on Wednesdays at 7pm in the AHS Theater: September 6, October 4 and November 1.

If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer commitment, we ask that you make a tax-deductible donation to the Aragon Drama Boosters in the amount of $300 (due at the Drama Boosters Meeting on 9/6) so that the Director may hire production/support staff as needed. Please know that we prefer your involvement.

Parents/guardians unable to donate time or money to the production should email Director Shane Smuin at ssmuin@smuhsd.org.

Volunteer Commitment
What committees are you interested in joining?
Please volunteer for two committees (one non-tech week committee and one tech week committee.) Tech Week committees are designated by **
Please list any committee you are interested in chairing (from the list above)
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