yt community survey 2014
What is your occupation?
Where do you work?
What is your yt level of expertise?
How would you rate your experience in installing yt?
Extremely difficult
Extremely easy
Which method(s) did you use to install yt?
Any other comments about installation?
Your answer
How would you rate the yt community for responsiveness?
How well do you find your questions responded to, or issues with the code dealt with?
Very responsive
When you've had a problem or question regarding yt, in what ways have you contacted people in the yt community?
Are there others ways you would like to be able to communicate with members of the yt community?
Your answer
How useful do you find these components of the documentation?
Not useful at all
Mostly not useful
Somewhat useful
Very useful
Quickstart notebooks
Narrative sections
API reference
Cookbook recipes
Comments in the source code
Overall rating for documentation
Any comments about the yt documentation?
Your answer
How well does yt meet your research needs?
Can you ask the questions of your data you need to?
Does not meet my needs
Meets my needs very well
What types of data have you analyzed with yt?
What are your primary uses for yt?
On what sorts of data do you use yt?
Check all that apply.
Is there a data type or frontend you would like to see supported in yt?
Your answer
Big Picture
How satisfied are you with yt as a whole?
ie installation, documentation, functionality, interaction with the community, etc.
Not satisfied at all
Very satisfied
What would you say the biggest shortcoming in yt is?
Your answer
What do you think is yt's biggest strength?
Your answer
What should we focus on in improving yt before the next version release?
(missing features, better docs, better installation, etc)
Your answer
Anything else you want to tell us?
Your answer
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