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STEP 1: Complete the form below. Be sure to click the "Submit" button when you are finished.

STEP 2: Email your essay in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) to (do not include your name on your actual essay attachment or in the properties of the document itself because we will be sharing it for blind review). Note: You will need to follow email submission guidelines outlined below.

Submission Guidelines for Authors:

- Your submission should be original work that has not been published previously. We invite you to submit relevant papers from your coursework, personal or academic study, or research. We do not accept material that is currently being considered by another journal.

- Manuscripts may be 1200-3000 words (about 5 to 12 pages in length or longer if approved by the editor). Articles should be written in 12-point type font with one-inch margins and double-spaced, and include at least 5 academic, scholarly, or reputable 5 sources.

- Include an abstract of 100-200 words.

- Your submission should be in MS Word format (.doc,.docx) and submitted to the following email: Questions about submissions? JSL website: or email the editors at

- Do not include any personally identifying information on your Word document version of your submission document (e.g. first and last names, course names, professor names) that you send to us by email ( Check your document properties to be sure that all identifying information is removed.

- We favor cogent papers that tend to have shorter, simpler sentences.

- It is recommended that submissions follow either APA or the Chicago Manual of Style.

***Papers that are accepted for publication undergo a detailed revision process, and authors are expected to work closely with editorial staff to address reviewer and/or staff recommendations.

The Journal of Student Leadership
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Here are some examples below (JSL may edit for professional content and length): Example 1: Jane Doe has been published in journals such as Essais and Warp and Weave. She is currently working toward her bachelor's in creative writing at UVU and expects to graduate in 2019. She is the president of the multicultural student council and plans to work for an NGO someday. (email: [Email is optional] Or, Example 2: Jane Doe is Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond. Her work focuses on leadership, social innovation, and civic responsibility. She has published in Comparative and International Higher Education and The Journal of Higher Education. (email: [Email is optional]
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If your submission is to be accepted, are you willing to work closely with JSL editorial staff and advisors and a university writing center over the next few months on revisions to your submission?
I acknowledge that by submitting my work to The Journal of Student Leadership, I am granting to the journal staff the right to use my submission in any way deemed necessary or good by the Editorial Staff.
STEP 2: I have emailed or will email my essay in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) to I will not include my name on my actual essay attachment because it will be shared for blind review. Note: I have followed "Submission Guidelines for Authors" outlined further above.
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