AniRevo 2020 Gaming Survey
This is a survey by the AniRevo Gaming Team to help us better understand our attendees and the gaming community in BC.

We are looking to further integrate the Gaming Room into the con, improve the gaming room experience, and grow our audience.

Our team is also brainstorming to look beyond 2020. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated and we may take your ideas into consideration.
What is your age range? *
What social media platform do you often use for getting information about AniRevo? *
How much time do you spend on playing video games (Console, PC, Mobile and etc) per week? *
Which platform you do play the most on? *
How often do you play tabletop games? Example: Magic: The Gathering, Yugioh, and Pokemon Trading Card Game *
What kind of tabletop games do you play or recall playing in the past? *
Have you ever been to the Gaming Room before? *
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