#BashBack - Breakfast Club Demands Form
The Breakfast Club is a black institution that must account for their harm.

We are outraged that a show with an audience of over 4 million weekly listeners would encourage transphobia at the expense of Mrs. Janet Mock. Mrs Mock, a cultural icon appeared on The Breakfast Club only days prior to the July 28th appearance obscure "comedian" known as Lil Duval who you may recall from being a runner up on canceled tv show "Coming to the Stage”. Mock was there to promote her new book "Surpassing Certainty" to give basic education and encourage dialogue with the show’s hosts and their massive audience about her life and the lives of black transgender women. Mrs. Mock has served as an inspiration to many especially black trans women and deserved far better treatment from a show she gifted with her expertise, and vulnerability. An assault to her or any other black trans woman who's appeared on that show is an assault to us all. We are aware that this show has had many opportunities to take a stand against anti black transphobia but continues to fuel the fire instead.

For this we are demanding a swift and immediate apology on air to Mrs.Mock and the entire black transgender community. Especially black trans women. At a time when the lives of black people are under attack by the state and by the lack of resources in our community anything and anyone that undermines our ability to build black power must be held accountable. Black men will not ruin us.

As an institution that serves the black community we demand that WWPR-FM and its parent company iHeartMedia fire Charlamagne Tha GOD for his consistent misogyny, anti black and transphobic views. He has served as the donkey of the day for far too long and continues to harm the black community and especially to black women.

It is not lost on us how complicit and encouraging Charlamagne The GOD’s fellow co-hosts were. We are not surprised that DJ Envy participated and encouraged this hateful rhetoric. However we are appalled that at a time when women's rights are under attack that Angela Yee would support this banter. We are demanding that the show be canceled and removed from the air. Jokes about murder should be taken just as seriously as the murders we read about it daily.

Considering that they've allowed for men to openly advocate on their airwaves for the murders of transgender women, we are demanding that Power 105 support the development of institutions that serve black trans women by directly funding organizations that sustain and uplift black transgender women. Our lives are certainly not comedic fodder and action and direct support from Power 105 will allow us to determine whether they were in on the “joke”.

We are reclaiming our time. We are reclaiming our lives. Death to anything that stands in the way of our ability to do that.

-Signed -black trans women who are done being punching bags

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