Additional User – Registration System Access Compliance Declaration- EN
Swim Natation Manitoba’s registration data is confidential information protected under federal and provincial Acts. This information is not divulged to outside agencies. Best judgement must be applied when asked for contact information from people outside the Manitoba swimming community. The club must ensure that the information requested is reasonably associated with the organization’s functions and is used according to the purposes that were expressed to the registrant upon collection.

The club Registrar is the primary custodian of the registration data for each club. The Registrar assigns additional users. Additionally, there may be a requirement for another representative in the organization to access the online system. As the primary custodian, the club’s Registrar must use this form to apply in writing, to the Executive Director of Swim Manitoba, for additional user online system access.

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As a representative for my club I agree that I will not share the access code to the Online Registration system with anyone without the consent of Swim Manitoba. I recognize that the registrant’s personal information is private and confidential and must be protected according to PIPEDA and respective provincial Acts; I will use the system as it is intended.
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