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Rates and terms effective March 17, 2017. All previous fee and service agreements null and void.
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I would like to order the following number of hours of Pennsylvania research:
NOTE: This research is primarily conducted at the Pennsylvania State Archives and the Pennsylvania State Library. If you would like a quote for ON-SITE research in any Pennsylvania county(ies), please contact us via this link:
My research involves these Pennsylvania counties (check all that apply):
For the fee stated below, I would like to order on-site research in these surrounding states:
NOTE: This can be ordered in addition to Pennsylvania research, or separately. Fee includes at least 10 hours of research, travel, parking and other reasonable expenses.
The names, birth/death dates (or estimates), and places of residence of my research subjects are:
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My goal for this research is to...
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I would like these specific tasks to be included in my research:
Sources and repositories I've already consulted include:
These additional details may be helpful to the researcher:
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My research order includes:
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I understand that my research fee pays ONLY for Stephanie's time and expertise, and that positive results cannot be guaranteed.
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