Accessibility Challenges in the Classroom/Studio
Hello and thank you for your help. My name is Shawna Barnes and I am a teaching artist leader with the Maine Arts Leadership Initiative. One of the projects I am working on is to better understand the unique challenges faced by educators when they have differently-abled students. I know the challenges I personally face as a disabled artist. I want to know what YOUR challenges are.

Your responses will help inform my work going forward. This work will include accessibility specific newsletters with creative solutions to solve immediate problems (not having to wait or rely on adaptive equipment that can be cost prohibitive and not received in a timely manner), tutorials for various arts related projects that are geared for students who may struggle with mainstream curriculum, a podcast that addresses what accessibility issues can look like from different points of view, and workshops/webinars that address these needs.

If any of the questions don't apply to you, please type/select N/A. I am interested in input from a variety of perspectives and points of view!

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What is the most common challenge you have in your teaching environment when it comes to your learners/students?
Which disabilities provide the biggest accessibility/inclusivity challenges for you and your students?
If needed, please explain/elaborate on your answer from above.
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Do you find it challenging/difficult to get the adaptive equipment you need for your students?
What hurdles do you encounter when trying to acquire adaptive equipment/supplies?
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Do you have any students (or patients) with service dogs?
Are you comfortable working with a student who may have a service dog?
Would a presentation/demonstration on how to work with students who may use a service dog be beneficial for you?
What resources have you found to be most helpful?
For PT/OT/Counselors ONLY - What resources would be beneficial for arts educators? Do you have specific adaptive equipment recommendations that would be beneficial for the classroom?
Do you have anything else you'd like me to know? Help me help you!
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Thank you so much for participating in this survey! Your time is valuable and I truly appreciate you taking a moment to fill this out. Your answers will help me see where I may have holes in my own work concerning advocacy, what YOUR needs are as arts educators, and coming up with solutions that help all of us help our kiddos that we teach.

If you have any questions or additional comments, please email me at

Artist Shawna Barnes with her service dog Andy
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