Extreme Poverty Awareness QUIZ Campaign- 2015
How many poor people die because of Hunger in India everyday? *
Death due to hunger
What are the major reasons of poverty? *
Causes of Poverty
Do you know what poverty is?
Millennium Development Goals
How much does it take a feed a schoolchild for a day? *
Food and Finance
What are the main reasons of Poverty? *
Poverty in India
What do you think what can give them better livelihood? *
How poverty does effects society? *
Poverty and society
Which is number 1 cause of death in the world?
Please research the different causes
What do the poor people generally do for their livelihood: *
Work and poverty
Which region has the greatest number of hungry people? *
Global poverty
How many poor of the world lives in India *
Scenario of poverty in India
The Number of malnourished people in the world is equal to: *
hunger and Health
Poverty is a Global issu and citizens globally should unitedly work on this irrespective of their status. Do You agree? *
What are the results of poverty? *
Impact on society
What are the impacts of poverty on Economy? *
Poverty and economy
Who all fall under poverty? *
Any one who have no food to eat or who beg in the street
Do you think there is difference between official figures and real numbers of poor people? *
Official recognition of poor people
Lead India Foundation
What do you think, who are poor? *
Global poverty
Where do you find poor? *
The place where poor people live
We believe that the society has to come forward and stand united to eradicate the issue of Poverty and Hunger. Do you agree? *
Who can alleviate poverty
What type of the problem Poverty is? *
Is it Universal
There is enough food in the world for everyone. *
Global food Status
How many people do u think sleeps hungry each night in India? *
India Incredible
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