Planning Out your Tiny House Build
To help you GoTinyBeFree, we've put together this comprehensive questionnaire to help you get clarity on WHY you're going Tiny to help you figure out the best tiny house for your needs. Answer these questions as completely as you can:
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1. Why do you want to go Tiny? *
What is the main reason(s) you're interested in going Tiny?
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2. What is your intention for the tiny house?
How will your tiny house be used/lived in?
3. How soon are you wanting to live in a tiny house?
(Date when you anticipate $ ready, paired down & ready to move in)
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4. Prioritize what's most important to you / appeals to you the most about "Going Tiny" & Tiny House living?
(7 being "Most Important" to 1 "Least Important or Don't Care")
Form (Style, look, appearance)
Function (ease, convenience, efficiency)
High-Tech / Smart
Environmental Impact
5. Prioritize the importance of the following features/spaces:
Must Have
Really Want
Nice to have if space/budget allows
Not important
Cooking Space
Closet Space
Food Storage
Bathroom Space
Entertaining Space
Eating Space
Work/Study Space
Guest/Extra Sleep area
Other Storage (Gear/Equipment, etc)
6. How many people (and animals/pets) will be living in Tiny House? *
(Name, age, relation/breed)
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7. What Tiny House building style do you like best? (Please describe)
(ie, rustic modern, farmhouse, mountain modern, cabin in the woods, steampunk, etc)
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8. What do you do for a living? (Any special requirements for your work?) *
(ex: special clothes, uniforms, gear, etc)
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9. What Hobbies/Past Time activities are MOST important to you?
(activities you would like to continue doing while living in a tiny house)
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10. How long do you anticipate living in this tiny house? *
(Just temporarily? 6mo - 1 year? 1-5 yrs? More than 5 years? For life? Explain briefly)
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11. Do you have a tiny house size & style/plans in mind, somewhere to start from? Describe below *
(Or don't know where to start?)
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12. What are your tiny house building constraints?
13. What do you anticipate/plan/desire your utility situation to be? *
(select all that apply, ie, ways you'd like your house to be able to function)
14. What budget are you working with for your tiny house? *
(Basic Tiny House building cost is ~$250/sf)
Your answer
15. Choose your desired Tiny House options:
Must Have
Really Want
Nice to have if space/budget allows
Not important
Don't Want or Don't Need
Sleeping Loft
Storage Loft
Washing Machine / Dryer
Large Fridge
Bathroom Sink
Stairs (to a loft)
Dog Door
2nd Home Entrance / Exterior Door
Back Porch
Flushing Toilet
Gooseneck Entertaining Area
16. How involved do you want to be in the building of your tiny house? *
(It's ok to leave blank or choose several if you're not quite sure)
17. Do you know where you'll be living in your desired tiny house yet? (If not, that's ok too)
Planned Tiny House community? Existing Tiny House Community? On land you own/rent? RV Parks?
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18. Do you have a tow vehicle? (List Year, Make, Model, Size)
Or do you need/prefer delivery of the tiny house once complete?
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19. Any other special needs/requests?
(Current or upcoming health concerns?)
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