Thank you for your promise to sponsor an aged and/or blind Sheldon herd stallion from the Hallelujah Horses mission. Your pledge is a vital part of the plan to save this group of stallions, who are some of the original 907 horses saved by Fleet of Angels after they were seized by authorities when determined to be starving and neglected. By making this pledge, you are giving a special needs stallion the opportunity to live with his band of bachelor stallions at a sanctuary that is being established for them. You will have naming rights for each stallion you sponsor. The caregiver for the Hallelujah Stallions group will provide periodic photos and updates so you can see ‘your stallion’ living among his friends. This is a lifesaving gift to these horses, and it is very much appreciated!
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Sponsor/adopt one or more stallions at $100 monthly per horse via automatic payment.
Donate toward pasture shelters so horses have ample space to get out of weather. (One time payment.)
Donate toward additional fencing needed to make habitat safe and secure. (One time payment.)
Donate to use as needed.
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Please follow www.TheHallelujahHorses.com to make your donation.
To edit or cancel your sponsorship, contact Nancy Turner (NTurner@ThisOldHorse.org ) or Elaine Nash (HoldYourHorses@aol.com)

This digital sponsorship form is provided by FleetofAngels (www.FleetOfAngels.org) and This Old Horse (www.ThisOldHorse.org).
Thank you very much for helping us help these very special horses!
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