The “Jamaica Now” Action Plan - Leadership Council - New Application 2019-20
The Jamaica NOW Action Plan
The Jamaica Now Action Plan is a holistic set of economic development initiatives designed to stimulate smart growth and improve livability in Jamaica’s downtown core and is the product of 9 months of planning and outreach that included over 30 meetings with community stakeholders and two large public meetings, each with more than 250 people. The Jamaica Now Action Plan incorporates the recommendations from key stakeholders including the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, Regional Plan Association, and York College/CUNY and set forth action items for investments that have begun to strengthen existing assets, support growth and address community concerns to help Jamaica thrive as an affordable and attractive destination for living, shopping and working. The plan is broken down into short- (0-3 years), medium- (3 to 5 years) and long-term (5+ years) projects. There are 26 strategic actions in the areas of workforce and business development, education, health and wellness, public safety, youth development, housing, transportation and urban design improvements -16 of which have launched over the past three years, representing approximately $153 million in current public funding.

This plan is an effort led by Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Alicia Glen and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz in partnership with the Departments of City Planning, Housing Preservation and Development, Parks & Recreation, Small Business Services, Cultural Affairs, and Transportation, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Regional Plan Association and Greater Jamaica Development Corporation.

The Jamaica NOW Leadership Council
The Jamaica NOW Action Plan’s success in reaching its milestones has hinged upon the continued engagement from all those involved, including a group of community stakeholders. The Leadership Council was appointed and convened to oversee the Plan’s roll-out and ensure that the community’s interests remain the priority. The Leadership Council’s job is to provide oversight and evaluation of the implementation process and to keep the City accountable for the plan. This Council was designed to ensure the sustained growth of Jamaica is a mixed-income neighborhood with vibrant commercial corridors, inviting public spaces, improved transit networks, and a diverse economy providing quality jobs for local residents. The Leadership Council is led by community stakeholders, with the support of City Hall, and meets no less than 4 times per year for the life of the Action Plan.
Eligible applicants must be 18 years or older and fit the following criteria for consideration. Each applicant must be a resident, business owner, property owner, student, community-based organization, government representative, or community leader living or working in the "study area". Each applicant must have participated in at least one of the Jamaica planning initiative meetings held between June and December of 2014, or have participated on one of the Council’s committees as a non-Council member, or attended a workshop, training, seminar and/or course sponsored by the Leadership Council. Interested community stakeholders are encouraged to apply by completing the attached application and returning it with a resume or one-page biography by Monday, August 19, 2019.
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