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Thank you for supporting us for 3 years. Seccodeid wants to submit a survey to users, this survey aims to develop the site, find out shortcomings and other things

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-  Bayu Ajie
-  Holiq Ibrahim

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Part 1 User Interface Review
What do you think about the design or user interface of Seccodeid? *
Describe your experience with the user interface
Is the user interface easy to use? *
For user interface. Do you have any suggestions? *
Part 2 Seccodeid Features
What features are less effective for you? *
Are the features easy to use and requirement by the user? *
What features would you like to have? *
Part 3 Term of Service and Help Center
Did ToS and Help Center help you? *
Part 4 Seccodeid Event
Are events from Seccodeid fun and interesting for you? *
What events interest you? *
Rate the event *
Part 5 Seccodeid Content YouTube and Blog
Is the content of Seccodeid clear and easy to understand? *
What content interests you? *
What content doesn't interest you? *
Criticisms and suggestions about the content of Seccodeid *
Part 6 Your suggestions and criticisms about Seccodeid
Rate Seccodeid *
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Thank you for filling out this survey, with this we will develop to be better
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