Knife Research
Hello fellow knife lovers, my name is Ruud van Tiel and I am currently doing my thesis project in Mora, Sweden with Morakniv. I am in the process of developing a new knife with a wooden handle, destined for the outdoor branch. We are looking for the needs of the user. What would be the main uses for the blade? What type of finish would you prefer and what type of style suits your aesthetics best.
What would be your main use for the knife?
What would be your preferred steel?
What type of blade finish would you prefer?
What would be your preferred blade length?
What would be your preferred blade thickness?
What would be your preferred grind angle?
How would you like the spine to be finished?
What type of wood would be your preference?
Where would you keep your knife?
What type of sheath material would you prefer?
If you have any other preferences or remarks, please leave them in the comment section we will be happy to see any input or experiences from the people that put our knives to use.
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