ArtCan Artist Application
Be a part of a creative global platform which encourages personal connections, engages new audiences and promotes fair payment of artists.

If you would like to be a part of the ArtCan platform then please submit the form here and then e-mail a photo of yourself and a maximum of 6 low-resolution examples of your work to:

The administrative team reviews each application and will respond to artists individually within six weeks of applying. Before submitting your form please ensure that you agree to all the following points. As we are a collaborative group it is essential that all artists participate 100%.

Key Acceptance Points
1. There is no cost in becoming a ArtCan artist. Please note that individual exhibitions or events may carry a small administrative fee if you apply and are chosen to participate.

2. Each artist must realise that this is a collaborative process and if asked for information or to respond to an e-mail must do so promptly and happily!

3. Each artist must be proactive within social media platforms.

4. Each artist must arrange their own insurance policies to cover participation in any ArtCan exhibitions or events – guidance can be offered if needed.

5. Each artist must invite guests to ArtCan private views and make an effort for their contacts to include buyers.

6. All monies made by your personal artwork selling through any ArtCan event will go in its entirety to you, the artist.

7. You must at all times be an ambassador for ArtCan. We will circulate key information to all ArtCan artists to ensure you feel confident with the initiative.

8. Acceptance as a ArtCan artist does not automatically guarantee you a place in all events and exhibitions – however you are expected to apply for the annual emerging artists group show, "What is the Point?" once.

9. If you hear of any exhibition spaces or possible brand partners for ArtCan, please do talk to the admin team and we will help make the most of all opportunities

10. Please keep the administrative team up to date with your other art initiatives and programmes – we will always support and share news on our social media platforms for you.

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