Event Date - May 3, 2020 (Sunday)

***** Submission deadline is April 1st *****

Please read and fill out all applicable information including your website and Permit or ID#.

All vendors will participate in How Weird's world-famous Magic Pass Program, designed to increase your sales and exposure. Note that participation is mandatory and without listing a Magic Pass deal, your application will not be accepted. People attending the faire who get a Magic Pass at the entrance gates are entitled to special deals throughout the faire. The specials range from free items to discounts on purchases, discounts at the bars, and fun activities. The specials should be creative and weird, meant to draw attention to your booth. The specials do not need to cost you any money. The better the offer, the more attention it will get.

IMPORTANT -- You will have TWO placement options to choose from:

- 2nd Street or Howard St Vending: These spaces are all 10x10 with the option of buying multiple spaces for a larger vending footprint. These areas are between sound stages and are highly trafficked.
- Art Alley (Tehama St.) Vending: Art Alley is meant to showcase our smaller, local artists. You will have the option to choose between a 6' table and a 10x10 plot. The foot traffic tends to be a bit lighter in this area but without the hustle and bustle, patrons spend quality time with your booth.

Centered at Howard and Second Streets
Downtown San Francisco
Earth, Sol, Milky Way

- 2nd Street or Howard St Vending: For those who want a corner booth space, there is an extra $75 charge in addition to normal booth price (if there are any corner spaces left). They will be given on a FIRST COME basis, so hurry with your completed applications before they are gone.
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Note: How Weird Street Faire 2020 is only able to accommodate food trucks. Food booths will not be excepted
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Each vendor will receive an invoice via email. You MUST pay that invoice directly through the link provided in the email.

How Weird WILL NOT be accepting payment in the form of cash or check.

If you have any questions about this process please reach out to
· Submission: The deadline to submit your application is April 1st.

· Acceptance: You will be notified of your acceptance on or before April 14th.

· Space Assignment and Final Instructions: Accepted vendors will receive a final information package no later than May 1. This will include space assignment, as well as details about day-of-event load-in and load-out instructions. The How Weird Street Faire takes place on Sunday, May 3, 2020, from 12 pm to 8 pm. The set up takes place from 8 am to 11 am. The strike will take place from 8 pm to 10 pm.
NVG Soundscapes, and the How Weird Street Faire, does not participate in the construction, or assembly of, the individual vendor’s exhibit. The festival coordinator, on behalf of How Weird Street Faire, provides space only at the event.

The Vendor hereby indemnifies NVG Soundscapes and the How Weird Street Faire, its Agents, Employees, and the Client, its Agents, and Employees, and holds them harmless from any and all claims, including costs and attorney’s fees resulting from, or arising out of, said Vendor’s participation in this event. For the purposes of this agreement, the term “participation” shall include, but not be limited to, the delivery of equipment, merchandise, structures, and products to their designated location, the set up and display of any such structure and products, and the dismantling and removal of all such items from the area provided by or through the Producer or its agents, employees, or the Client or its agents and employees.

The Vendor hereby expressly assumes any risk of harm to the Vendor arising out of their participation and the participation of other artists in the How Weird Street Faire, including any risk resulting from the particular location of the space designated to them by the Festival Coordinator.

· Cancellation of Event: In the event that the Event is canceled due to a Force Majeure Event including but not limited to, acts of God; weather; acts of war; riot; fire; explosion; accident; flood; sabotage or terrorist act; transportation failure or delay; governmental or court-ordered laws, regulations, requirements, orders or actions; injunctions or restraining orders; strike(s) or injunction; or other circumstances beyond the control of the How Weird Street Faire causes the event to be canceled, participation fees will not be returned.

The Vendor agrees to participate in the Magic Pass Program.
I have read, fully understand, and agree to abide by all this agreement. *
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