Community Table
Thank you for inquiring about using the Community Table at the Comox Valley Farmer’s Market. The purpose of this table is to help build our community by having groups share and disseminate knowledge.  We have room for one Community Group per market.  During the summer season we also have a Wednesday and Sunday Market.  
Below is some information that you need to know BEFORE you book your spot.

1. The market manager/or Designate will schedule the community groups on a first-come, first- assigned basis.  

2. You are required to set up prior to the opening hour and remain set up until closing hour.  No moving vehicles are allowed to be on the venue grounds from 30 minutes before opening until 15 minutes after closing.  A bell will ring at this time letting you know it is time to tear down.  The market open and close times are as follows:
Saturday 9-1
Wednesday 3-6
Sundays 10-1

3. If you supply your own tent please note that every tent, including the Community Table tent is required to be properly equipped.  Every market day, no matter the weather, all canopies and umbrellas are required to have sufficient weight on the 4 corners of the stall to keep the cover in place during windy conditions. Sufficient weight is considered to be a minimum of 25lbs per corner or two 5/16” x 10” tent pegs per leg. In the case of umbrellas, a heavy metal base in addition to 25lbs of weight is sufficient.  On occasions when the market is moved temporarily to a location where tent pegs cannot be used, and weights will be required.  If you do not have sufficient tent weights/pegs you will not be permitted to set up.

4. You are responsible for cleaning up their stall area before leaving the market.  Whether or not the tent is already set up when you arrive, we do ask that you help by taking it down and putting the tent and table by the Information Desk.

5. You are responsible for supplying their own water and garbage can, if required.

6. Soliciting is not permitted at the market. We want to create a market atmosphere that is inviting to both our customers and to vendors and feel soliciting of any kind is disruptive.  Soliciting can be unwelcomed, detracts from the positive energy, open and hassle-free environment and, ultimately, be a deterrent for attending the market.   We ask that you stay behind your table and are not roaming about soliciting customers.  Let the customers come to you.  If you are found to be soliciting, you will be asked to stop immediately.  If soliciting continues further actions may be taken including but not limited to asking you to leave the market or barring your group from using the Community table in the future.

7. All members, staff and vendors are expected to treat each other and the public with respect.

8. A table fee must be paid at each market. In the case of Community Groups, the table fees are a donation based on what the organization can afford and typically ranges from a minimum of $5 to a maximum $200 (noting that farmers’ market vendors pay a minimum of $20 per week for a spot.).  Please pay this Table fee at the Information Desk.  A receipt can be provided if needed.  Let Staff know at the time of payment.

9. Community groups are not permitted to sell products or services from their table, but they may accept donations.

10.  So that we can accommodate as many Community Groups as possible we ask that you do not select multiple dates in a row per market and that you select no more than 3 dates per market per year.  Exceptions may be made if there are dates still available or if there is a cancelation.

11. Depending on the number of vendors attending the market, Community Table participants many are not able to have their vehicle behind the booth.  Please be prepared to vend without your vehicle.

12. All vehicles not on the field must be parked as far away from the entrances as possible so that our customers have adequate spaces to park.  Ask the General Manager if you are not sure where to park.

Note that if you are not the one on site during the market that all personnel operating your booth are familiar with the above rules.

If needed a tent and table can be provided as long as they are not required for the market that day.  Let the General Manager know if you need the tent and/or table.  Please bring your own chairs.  We ask that if you borrow equipment from us that you please treat it with respect and that you return it to the Information Booth at the end of the market.

If you have any questions during this process or cannot make your scheduled time, please don't hesitate to contact us.  The General Manager can be reached at .

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