2018 -19 RCA Student Survey
We want to know what you think of our school. The information from the survey will help us improve student relationships, learning conditions, and the school's overall environment. We will not share your answers with your peers.
Please take your time and read each question carefully!

Thank you!
Roosevelt Staff

I like school. *
The school building is clean. *
I like my school building. *
I feel safe at school. *
I feel safe in my classroom. *
I feel safe on my way to and from school. *
I look forward to going to school. *
I am interested in learning. *
My teacher believes I can learn. *
My teacher cares about me. *
My teachers treat me with respect. *
I treat my teachers with respect. *
I have fun learning. *
This school is a good school. *
Mr. Tompkins is nice. *
Mrs. TeNyenhuis is nice. *
Mr. Tompkins is fair. *
Mrs. TeNyenhuis is fair. *
Mr. Tompkins is easy to talk to. *
Mrs. TeNyenhuis is easy to talk to. *
Mr. Kenyon is available to help me with problems. *
Mr. Kenyon has helped me resolve problems I have had with other students. *
Mr. Kenyon is easy to talk to. *
I feel happy coming to school. *
The office staff is polite and helpful. *
I feel safe asking any adult at school for help. *
The rules in the classroom are fair. *
My friends are bullied. *
I have been bullied THIS school year. *
Students are nice to each other. *
My teachers treat some students better than others. *
I ask questions when I don't understand something. *
My teachers help me when I ask them. *
I have learned how to use new technology this school year. *
Having access to technology has assisted me in my learning. *
I like computer-based assignments. *
My peers treat me with respect. *
I like the uniform policy. *
I am a good student. *
I can be a better student. *
Please share your comments, concerns, and suggestions!!
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