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Use the space below to let us know why you wish to submit materials or volunteer with the MIT Legal Forum team and to share your relevant interests related to law, AI and blockchain. For example, let us know if you wish to submit materials to be included in our educational curriculum or for discussion at a breakout group or to let us know you wish to volunteer in order to receive credit at your academic institution or as a way to learn more and participate at one of our events.
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Use the space below to share information about your background, skills, expertise. The content you share will help us select volunteers with a well distributed range of knowledge and experience.
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Use this section if you want to be contacted about opportunities to work with the MIT Legal Forum team as a Volunteer Contributor. Please only check boxes below for items you can provide direct assistance creating or managing (topics you can talk about expertly and at length can be shared in the "Background" section). For more information about being a volunteer contributor to open source projects and research activities, see:
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