Queermas 2020 Dinner and Card Form
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we're taking Queermas online this year! In addition to activities over on our discord, we plan to provide up to 25 holiday meals from Cristaudo's since we won't be able to meet in person. If you live in Jackson, Williamson or Franklin County and have no way to pick up your meal, we will make arrangements for delivery.

Additionally, we plan on sending out holiday cards - we know the stress of holidays from deadnaming to misgendering can be intense, so we hope our holiday cards can help affirm your identity and bring about a little of holiday cheer!

In order to request EITHER a dinner or card, please fill out our form here! Remember dinners are first come to the first 25 sign-ups, and there are no cap-off for card requests - you can request BOTH dinner and a card, or just a dinner, or just a card, etc as long as you note it here!

In order to make sure enough cards and dinners are made in time for Queermas, our deadline for filling out this form is THURDAY, DECEMBER 17TH. Thank you so much!
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