Ensuring University Studies Are Relevant
Saint Louis University (SLU) is strongly committed to work in partnership with ITS ALUMNI in making sure that SLU engineering and architecture courses and services remain relevant to industries’ needs and that our graduates are successful either as employers or employees in different organizations.
Being an alumnus of SLU School of Engineering and Architecture, we seek your assistance by being a respondent of this survey. We are particularly interested in tracing where you and other graduates are at this time. We also like to solicit your assessments of the capabilities that you have acquired in SLU in relation to the requirements of the industry during the early years of your engineering and architecture career. Moreover, we ask that you help us identify what organizations expect to face during the coming years that we may also act in anticipation so that our engineering courses remain relevant


How to complete the survey
The survey consists mainly of a set of statements for you to rate. In some cases you will be asked to rate an item for importance, in other cases you will be asked to rate the extent SLU graduates are able to do or have achieved that item. Simply tick the box which best represents your point of views. When you have finished the survey, please send it back to us. Normally, the survey takes only a few minutes to complete.

What will happen to the results?
All responses to this survey are totally confidential. They will be used for evaluation for the purpose of improving the quality and relevance of our engineering and architecture course design at SLU.
If you have trouble accessing this survey please contact the SLU SEA Survey administrator: Engr. Elaine R. Rivera (Office #: +63 074-443-2001 loc 242)


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