Librarian Digital Curation Survey
Please help us better understand the digital curation state-of-the-art across "LibraryLand." We hope to share our research in various social networks as well as in an ALA Tech Source Report.

You may respond anonymously or share contact information. If you do, you will be eligible to win an Amazon gift certificate. In addition, please consider sharing your contact information if you'd like to be interviewed for our research.

This survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete. Thank you for considering helping us learn more about digital curation in libraries.

Joyce Valenza, Brenda Boyer, Della Curtis
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1. Who are you? (What type of librarian are you?) *
2. What population(s) do you serve? *
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3. Gender *
4. Level of education *
5. Do you consider yourself a digital curator? *
6. What is your definition of digital curation?
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7. Why do you curate?
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8. What do you curate? (Please list content, format types, etc.)
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9. What tools do you use for curation? *
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10. How do you decide which tools to use for your various curation tasks? (Check all that apply.)
11. What are your three favorite tools for curating?
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12. What are the three big reasons you use these specific tools for curation?
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13. Is digital curation a specified job task for you or others in your library?
14. Do you collaborate with other faculty or staff to curate content?
15. If answering yes, how many collaborators do you work with in the course of the year?
16. Do you invite your patrons/users/members/students to participate in curation activities?
17. If answering yes, in what subject fields do your collaborators primarily work?
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18. What percentage of your workday involves engagement in digital content curation?
19. How much time would you estimate that you engage in voluntary digital content curation per week outside of work hours?
20. Has your institution / library utilized grants to underwrite the costs of curation (e.g. for salaries of curation staff, costs of digital curation tools, etc.)
21. If yes, what were these grant funds used for?
22. Overall, do you prefer free or commercial digital curation tools and why?
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23. What are the biggest challenges you or your institution face regarding digital curation?
24. Have any protocols or selection guidelines or policies been established at your institution for digital curation? If yes, were you (the librarian) instrumental in their writing?
25. If no formal guidelines or policies exist, have you established some sort of protocol, rubric, or guidelines to follow for your curation?
26. What subject directories, listservs, open source tools, or social media are your “go-to” sources for digital content?
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27. What do you perceive to be the impact of your digital curation efforts?
For example, do you examine analytics, user or collaborator feedback?
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28. In your opinion, which other institutions, schools, and/or libraries’ curation efforts represent best practices?
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29. In your opinion, what other individual professionals’ curation efforts represent best practices?
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30. What is the future for digital curation in your institution?
31. Can you share any feedback from your stakeholders/community regarding your curation efforts?
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32. Permission?
May we use your quotes with your name in our published papers/presentations and could we contact you for an interview? (Please leave an email address)
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