Normal Not Found Custom Pinback Button and Magnet Questionnaire
Thank you in advance for sharing your project with me! Before you spend your valuable time filling out this questionnaire, I want to share my process ( and what types of projects I take on so you can figure out if completing this questionnaire will be worth the effort.

There is no budget field on this form. I don't provide rates either. During our first conversations about the project, I want to focus on the goals of the project and what will give us the best results. What I charge is not meant to be competitive as I focus on doing fantastic work. To do this, I am very selective about the clients I work with.

Please look at the questions carefully before answering. You may want to answer the questions in a separate document and copy and paste them in.
How did you hear about Normal Not Found? *
Your name *
Email address *
What is your website URL? *
Why do you want to work with me specifically? *
Are you looking for buttons or magnets? *
How many button and/or magnet designs will you need? (This amount is just an estimate to get an idea of project size) *
How many of each design will you need? (This amount is just an estimate to get an idea of project size) *
Your business/organization name (exactly as it should appear) *
What does your business/organization do? Why does it matter? *
Who are your competitors or what other organizations offer something similar to what you do? How do you differ from them? (please provide URLs if possible)
Who is your point person for this project? If not you, please provide their name and email address. *
What is your audience looking for when they're coming to you? *
When you ask your audience about their needs, what do they say? *
Where will these buttons/magnets be used? *
How will your audience find out about how these buttons/magnets? What method(s) will you use to communicate their purpose? *
If I could wave a magic wand and make all your dreams come true with these buttons/magnets, what would that look like? *
When these buttons/magnets are received by your audience, what emotions would you like them to have? *
How do people find out about you? How do they discover you? *
Is your reach local or global? If local, where? *
Do you have any examples of the style direction you have in mind for these buttons? (If you don't have anything in mind, I'm more than willing to design something that will work well based on the context)
Are there any existing brand colors that must be used? If so, what are they?
Is there any other information that I should know for this project?
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