Classroom Survey
Please answer the following questions so that I can learn more about your life outside of this class. Your responses will help me create a classroom space where you can thrive as a learner this year.
How do you get to/from school? (check all that apply) *
How long does it take you to get to and from school every day? (check all that apply) *
What responsibilities do you have after school and on weekends? (check all that apply) *
How much time per week do you spend on these other responsibilities? (just an estimate) *
When you are not in school, do you have access to the following? (check all that apply) *
How often do you have access to the items you selected above? *
Do you have the ability to easily get to local museums, libraries, theaters, etc.? (less than 30 min travel time each way) *
During last school year, if you were to do all the homework you were assigned every day, how long would it take you each day? *
Did you find it challenging to complete assigned homework and prepare for assessments? *
What, if anything, makes completing homework/studying outside of school challenging for you?
Describe a homework assignment, project, or assessment you studied for outside of school that you learned a lot from.
What do you want your teacher to know about you?
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