Brass Warm Up Request Form
Thank you for your interest in custom warm ups! Please read the following thoroughly.

The warm ups will be written for whichever brass instrument you choose below. The length will be 30 to 60 minutes, as time will vary by skill, practice, and player. You are able to request the skills to be focused on. Examples of skills are: 4th valve dexterity, low or high range building, fluid lip slurs, double tonguing, etc.

Difficulty will be based on your answers in this form. The goal is to challenge you, but have the music work as a fluid warm up.

One Skill - $20
Two Skills - $25
Three Skills - $30
4+ Skills - please email for a custom request and pricing.

For an additional $15 you may request an etude be written at the end of the warm up. The etude will be a more challenging difficulty than the warm up and include all skills.

After I receive your form, payment will be requested by email via Paypal, Square, or Venmo (your choice). Work will begin after payment, all sales are final. The warm up should be delivered in one to two weeks from payment. If there is any delay past two weeks, you will be contacted by email. After you receive your warm up from me, I can make up to two revisions for difficulty or other considerations upon request.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Michael Fahrner at or DM him on Instagram @mikeplayseuph.
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