Adult Surprise Bag Request
Use this form to tell us a bit more about your interests. We will use that information to create a bag of items curated just for you!

We will call or email when your bag is ready to be picked up. Then you can come to the library and pick up your surprise bag from our circulation desk or through curbside service!

Already read/watched some of the items? That's ok. Return them when you bring everything back.
Really like something we stuck in there? Request more of it or fill out the form again and let us know what you liked and didn't like to try again.

If you are interested in Youth items, please fill out the Books on the Go form for Kids:
Your Full Name *
Email or phone number to contact you: *
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What items are you interested in? *
Check multiple if you would like a mix.
How many items would you like? *
What types of fiction are you interested in?
What types of nonfiction are you interested in?
If you want Movies or TV shows, tell us about the genres you prefer.
Please tell us more about your interests to help us pick the best items for you!
Examples: If you liked something from a previous Surprise bag, please let us know the titles! Other books you have loved or loathed? Your favorite TV show? Your hobbies? All of these might help us find just the right books for your bag. :)
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