PPE Survey
This survey is intended for healthcare workers in New Zealand.

There have been widespread reports from healthcare workers with issues getting access to personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes lack of training and education, lack of preparation, lack of access to PPE (such as PPE being locked away), or lack of sufficient PPE.

There have also been reports of staff being threatened with disciplinary action for speaking out on this issue. At the press briefing on 22/4/20, PM Jacinda Ardern stated that this is "unacceptable".

"It's not acceptable ever to threaten their employment over that," Jacinda Ardern says. "If I were to find where that was happening, there will be follow-up on that. That is not okay."

Health Sector Workers Aotearoa are trying to find out how widespread this is. If you are a healthcare worker in New Zealand please take this survey. The results will help us to advocate for the safety of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will collect this data with an eye towards sharing it with journalists and the media. All responses are anonymous.

Where do you work?
What is your role?
Have you had any training or education in how to put on and take off PPE?
Clear selection
Have you had the chance to get practical hands-on practice in putting on or taking off PPE?
Clear selection
Have you been given sufficient supply of PPE to do your job safely? Please elaborate
Do you have free access to a supply of PPE when you need it? Please elaborate
Have you ever been told that you could not access PPE, even though you felt that you needed it? Please elaborate
Have you ever worn PPE and later been told to take it off? Please elaborate
Have you ever been told to reuse PPE? Please elaborate
Does your area of work have a policy for the use of PPE?
Clear selection
Do you agree with this policy? Please elaborate why or why not
Have you ever spoken out about issues in your workplace with PPE, and if so were you supported? Please elaborate
Is there anything else you'd like to say?
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