PODS Fellowship
Pod= Micro community of ideas and boutique Jewish experiences

Piloting: PODS Fellowship! Micro-communities of ideas and boutique experiences.

New this year: Opportunity for earned stipend! Works as follows..
First Pod cohort completed= $100.
Second cohort- $50 stipend and $50 voucher for Judaism*,
3rd- $100 for Judaism*
(*i.e.- Books/Seforim, Shabbat candleholder, Mezuzah, Tzitzit, Tefillin, Menorah, Etrog, Donation to Pods to sponsor a new Pods fellow, etc.).

For live Pods: Each cohort consists of 4 pods (1 a week), one mid-point check-in and one individual meeting with Rabbi Moshe at summary

For virtual Pods: Each cohort consists of listening to 4 pre-recorded Pods, with weekly post-pod discussion with Rabbi Moshe

DM Rabbi M with any questions!
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