Workshop on application of genomic tools for benthic monitoring of marine environment: from technology to legal and socio-economic aspects

4-5 April 2016 — Natural History Museum, Geneva, Switzerland,
Route de Malagnou 1,
1208 Genève

The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas about the potential applications of DNA-related tools (omics) for assessing human impacts in all marine environments. Although DNA sequences have been used widely in biomedical, forensic and other applied sciences, they have been ignored until recently in environmental monitoring, despite their considerable potential utility in this field. We will discuss what environmental professionals require from these new genomic tools, the legal framework within which they will be applied, and the extent to which expectations be achieved. We expect discussions to be wide-ranging. Likely topics include defining the benefits conferred by molecular methods and how these new and rapidly developing methodologies can be integrated into current, well-established approaches using ecological indicators based on morphological taxonomy.


The program of the workshop can be downloaded here :


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