Survey for PS 154 Families of Children With Special Needs
Dear Parents and Guardians,

This survey is being conducted by your PS 154 School Leadership Team (SLT) to assess parent/guardian understanding of and satisfaction with PS 154 support services for students with special needs.

This survey is completely anonymous--we are not capturing your name or your contact information. Principal Buckley is the only person who will view the complete surveys and he will not share any specific comments that might identify your child or you. Please be as thorough as possible with your answers!

If you want to talk more about this survey or your experience at PS 154, please reach out to Principal Buckley at or parent Nicole Brier, who is the chairperson of our PTA Committee to Support Students With Special Needs, at

When you read "your child" in survey questions, please note that this survey is for children who currently receive or in the past have received services via an Individual Education Plan (IEP) at PS 154. If you have more than one child at PS 154 who has an IEP, please fill out this survey for each child.

Thank you for your help as we continue to make PS 154 a wonderful learning environment for all students.


Your School Leadership Team
Always feel free to reach out to SLT Parents at:
1. What grade is your child in?
1. What grade is your child in?
2. Do you know how to reach out to the School Based Support Team via phone, email, or mailbox if you have a concern about your child?
COMMENTS on the availability of the School Based Support Team:
Your answer
3. Were you aware that the School Based Support Team was (and will be) available at Parent Teacher Conferences to meet with you?
4. What (if any) interventions did your child have prior to an evaluation?
Your answer
5. Who initiated the evaluation for your child?
COMMENTS on the evaluation process:
Your answer
6. How long did it take (in months) between when an evaluation was first requested and when your child began to receive services?
Your answer
7. How satisfied are you with the IEP your child received?
COMMENTS on the IEP itself:
Your answer
8. Is your child in the least restrictive environment?
Your answer
9. Is your child in an Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) class?
10. If your child is in an ICT class, how satisfied are you with the in-class support that your child receives?
COMMENTS on the ICT classroom:
Your answer
11. If your child is NOT in an ICT class, how satisfied are you with the classroom environment?
COMMENTS on the non-ICT classroom:
Your answer
12. Are the cluster teachers aware of and supportive of your child's IEP?
Your answer
13. What services does your child receive?
14. How satisfied are you with the services provided?
very satisfied
not satisfied
very unsatisfied
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Your answer
15. What other services do you wish PS 154 was able to provide?
Your answer
16. How often do you get updates from your service providers or your child's teacher about how your child is doing with respect to his or her special needs?
Your answer
17. Please mark the following due process rights that you are familiar with.
18. Please tell us anything else you would like the PS154 Administration and School Leadership Team to be aware of about your experience as a parent of a child with special needs at this school.
Your answer
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