What theme do you think best fits the Wilshire Park children's play area?
The Friends of Wilshire Park have been given permission to begin fundraising to improve the children's play area. The City of Portland has relationships with contractors and suppliers who offer a variety of great equipment, and we wanted to get input from the neighborhood. The point of this poll is to hear the opinions of people who live near Wilshire Park or who regularly use the park, so please do not vote if the outcome won't really affect you. Please vote only one time.

Three themes have been suggested by the city's contractor, and they would all be great. The pictures shown in this poll are *NOT* final site plans, but rather suggest the general style of the play site. We are *NOT* voting on specific pieces of equipment. The three proposed themes are Barnyard, Submarine, or Woodland. The exact equipment we end up with -- tall or small pieces, many or few pieces -- will depend on how much money we can raise, but all of it will be appropriate for children up to five years old.

When voting, please think about what Wilshire Park currently looks like. What equipment, plants, and features already exist? How would the neighborhood best be served when making improvements?

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Example of a Submarine theme, which could include submersibles, sea creatures, and undersea plants
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An example of a Woodland theme, which could include an off-road vehicle, stumps and logs, wild animals, or a cabin
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