CUTLER Dissemination Event reporting
Please spend a minute to provide us with all the information we need in order to be able to report the dissemination events of the CUTLER project.

By collecting & publishing your information we can report to the EC the dissemination work of the CUTLER project and we can also give your dissemination event some extra impact!

We've made it as easy as possible!
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About the Event/Activity
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For example, publication, demonstation in an exhibition,  communication with a potential client (if the activity is a scientific publication please make sure you fill in the information at the end of this form, under the label "Does your activity feature a publication?")
Official Title of the Event/Activity *
State the official title of the related event if applicable
Place of the Event/Activity
Mention the place where the event/activity took place (include both the town and the country)
Date of Event/Activity
State the date and place of the activity (if applicable)
URL of the event/activity
Provide the url of the event/activity (if applicable)
About the Impact
Target groups and estimated number of persons reached
In the context of this dissemination and communication activity, approximately how many people were reached that belong to a specific category below? Provide a number, e.g.: 5.
Scientific Community (Higher Education, Research)
Civil Society
General Public
Policy Makers
Dissemination Instrument *
Mention the instrument that has been used in your dissemination activity. Select from one of the following categories:
Purpose of Activity *
Select from one of the following categories:
Measurable Impact *
Select the indicator from the following list & note the numbers / percentages below:
Measurable Impact Details
Provide the value for the above selected impact indicator (e.g. 400 attendees)
Exploitation pathway *
Select from the following categories:
Provide free text that you may consider useful for describing your dissemination activity
Does your activity feature a publication?
If this is the case, please take the time to fill in all fields below.
Type of publication
Repository Link
Link to a copy of the published version or the author's accepted manuscript that has been deposited in a repository for scientific publications, or to a page within that repository providing access to the deposited version (possibly after the end of an embargo period, where applicable). This is NOT a link to the publication on the journal / publisher website, and it is NOT a link to a personal or institutional homepage where the publication may have been posted.
Link to the publication
If the publication does not have a DOI, please enter a link to the publication on the journal / publisher website
Title of the Journal / Proceedings / Books series / Book (for book chapters
Number, date or frequency of the Journal / Proceedings / Book
Relevant pages
Place of publication
Year of publication
Is this publication available in Open-Access, or will it be made available?
Clear selection
Is this a peer-reviewed publication?
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Is this a joint public / private publication?
Both the joint publications coming from public and private project participants as well as from private / public project participants with public / private organisations outside the consortium (as long as they are related to the funded project) should be reported.
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