TeSPA Event Support Request
This application is for the Gunnar Fall Kickoff event support request for Fall 2015. Packages sent out for this program will include multiple pairs of Gunnar glasses to be used as giveaways, as well as TeSPA-branded swag and a few items from our partner, Blizzard. You may use or save any of the items in the package except for the Gunnar eyewear, which must be awarded or given out at the event described in your application.

This application will be open until October 4th (11:59pm PST), so make sure to fill this out before that date! Events must occur between September 19th and October 25th to be eligible for this support box. We'll release more information on the next round of support before October 25th.

In order to be eligible for the NEXT event support box later this Fall, you must take a few pictures at the event as described on the second page of this application and share them with us in the Post-event Recap Submission (http://bit.ly/tespa-event-recap). Please include one which shows the placement of your Gunnar banner at the event and one or more of the winners of the Gunnar glasses with their prizes!

Should you have any questions about this form, feel free to email support@tespa.org!
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