Assessment of AGM
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1) Do you think AGM is important to decide the policies for USI –
2) Do you think current AGMs achieve this objective
3) Do you think in current AGMs even ordinary member gets chance to speak
4) Do you think in current AGMs ordinary member’s voice is heard & respected
5) Do you think in current AGM there is inhibition or fear in ordinary member to speak or express opinion in front of senior members
6) Do you think our AGM gets prolonged unnecessarily
7) Do you think the agenda should be finished in time bound manner
8) Do you think our AGM agenda is too prolonged
9) Do you think that elected council should take most decisions & only policy matters should be brought to AGM
10) Do you think AGM spends more time on unimportant issues
11) Do you think some members have hidden agenda in coming to AGM
12) Do you think that only those who speak in AGM – their view is taken as everyone’s opinion because many ordinary members are not speaking
13) Do you think number of items in agenda should be reduced & each item should be allotted time limit
14) Do you think, in controversial issues, only specified time should be allotted for discussion, after that decision should be by voting
15) Do you think in current era, voting – (similar to audience poll) should be done electronically & not by show of hands
16) Do you think that after circulation of agenda – 2 weeks in advance, a chat corner should get activated in USI web site & USI app – where any member can post their opinion – this will give opportunity for members (even those who are not attending the conference) to express opinion. This way, enough discussion can take place before we come to AGM. Even ordinary members can express their opinion without any fear or inhibition. Thus, in AGM, decisions can be taken fast. Do you think this is good idea
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