The Curaçao American Preparatory School Teacher Application
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Name your current employer. Please include up to date contact information. *
Do you have a BA degree or Diploma of Teaching, or recognized equivalent, from an accredited college or university? (This is a minimum requirement to work in Curaçao and the minimum expectation for teaching at CAPS.) *
Do you have significant career classroom experience in an accredited elementary or secondary independent or public school? *
Have you taught in an American, overseas, or international school? (This does not include work in a language school or in a school exclusively for host country nationals.) *
Do you have recent experience with the Common Core curriculum, Lucy Calkins Reading & Writing Workshop, and/or Eureka Math teaching methods and programs? Please specify. *
Have you recently attended professional development and/or technology training? *
Are you willing to be involved in extra-curricular activities? (Successful candidates generally demonstrate involvement through coaching sports, editing yearbooks, teaching after-school programs etc.) *
Do you have a non-teaching spouse and/or dependents who would accompany you? (Since living on Curaçao can be expensive, the school has found that is is difficult to support more than one person per salary.) *
Are you (and your dependents) in good health? (Some pre-existing medical conditions may not be covered by the health insurance scheme offered by the school.) *
What is your teaching preference? (Which subject(s) and/or grade level(s)?)
Have your supervisors consistently rated you as being very good to excellent? *
CAPS and Curaçao require that all successful applicants undergo a Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure check whereby all convictions, cautions, reprimands, and final warnings given by police must be disclosed. Can you confirm that you have never been convicted by the courts or cautioned, reprimanded, or given a final warning by the police for offenses involving children under 18 years of age or vulnerable adults, and that you have no objection to this check being made and that you are not aware of any police enquires being undertaken following allegations made against you, which may have bearing on your suitability for a position? *
Can you confirm that all the information you have given above is correct? *
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