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Our main objective in the e-Roma Resource (e-RR) project is to promote, disseminate and exchange different materials and project outcomes in the field of integration of Roma. e-RR project partners will build a platform on the basis on our experience and existing good practices, developed by different organizations across Europe. On the on line e-RR platform information and different materials will be available for teachers, adult educators, adult Roma and Roma pupils, social workers, counsellors, medical professionals, different other experts working in the field of Roma integration, project applicants,... e-RR platform will serve as an educational and informational tool and as a dissemination toll for European project.

Because we want e-RR platform to respond to as many different needs, we address the on-questionnaire on general public who work in this field. We believe that your answers could contribute a lot to the development of e-RR platform. The motto of our project is SEARCH, USE, SHARE AND BROADEN HORIZONS. We will be very happy if you could help us broaden our horizons in the research phase, we will do our best to provide platform which will be useful tool in your daily work.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

e-Roma Resource project team

1. In what field related to the Roma community are you/your organisation working? *
2. What do you think about the quality of available data on Roma communities in general: *
3. Could you please indicate which of the following information is available in terms of legislation, research, good practice and projects (on European level)? Please respond to all items. *
Tick the level for which the information is relevant.
Information about potential partners in your activities
Contact details of Roma community outreach workers
Contact details of NGOs working with Roma communities
New legislation and the application of the rights of the Roma ethnic group
Contact details of the international representative of the Roma ethnic group
Information about the activities of community workers
List of potential employers for the Roma population
Information on the possibilities of improving conditions for residents in material distress
Information about the possibilities of voluntary work with the Roma community
Methods of work with the Roma community
Teaching materials and didactical tools
Information about the possibilities of coping with stressful situations while working with the Roma
Information on current legislation
Information on ongoing projects and programs focused on Roma
Information on obtaining financial support for the creation of projects and programs
Information on the possibilities of participation in international projects
Information on completed projects and their effectiveness
Examples of good practice
List of the most effective interventions in the field of Roma issues
4. In which area of Roma related issues (by your opinion) information are insufficient? *
You can select more then one option.
5. As far work on Roma issues is concerned, what would you define as the biggest problem? Please specify. *
Your answer
6. Do you/your organisation have any materials/programmes/projects/strategies, which you consider to be examples of good practice and you would like them to be presented on the e-RR portal? *
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