Green Team School Year 2020-2021 Application
1) Please be sure you have fully read the job description before completing this application.

2) Fill out all questions below to the best of your ability.

3) Include the names and current contact information for 3 references. Make sure you ask your reference before including their information.
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Have you ever done any volunteer work in your community? For example, have you ever helped a neighbor, volunteered with your church or mosque, tutored another student, helped at a soup kitchen, etc.? Explain/describe. *
What environmental issues concern you most in New Bedford? What could you do as a resident to fix these problems? (Be creative) *
Tell about a time when you faced a challenging situation. How did you approach it? *
Please fill out if you have not worked for Green Team in the past.

Please list below 3 references from an adult (not a relative) who can give an honest evaluation of your skills and accomplishments. It could be a teacher, religious leader, coach, mentor, former boss or coworker, etc. Please include their name, relationship to you, phone number and email. Applicants are encouraged to have each reference complete as part of the application.
Reference I- please list: Name; Relationship; Phone Number; and Email:
Reference II- please list: Name; Relationship; Phone Number; and Email:
Reference III- please list: Name; Relationship; Phone Number; and Email:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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