English Test, level - difficult
Заполните информацию о себе и ответьте на вопросы теста. Уровень сложности теста - начальный.
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Тестирование устных навыков английской речи будет проводиться по телефону. Укажите, в какое время удобно чтобы с вами связались. *
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1. Put the words in the correct order. Who with are you going to the party? *
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2. Choose the CORRECT QUESTION: ______ No, I won't. *
3. Fill in the blank: Excuse me, ______ you tell me the time? *
4. Which is NOT CORRECT? *
5. Which is CORRECT? *
6. Which is CORRECT? *
7. Which is NOT CORRECT? *
8. Which is NOT CORRECT? *
9. Choose the correct sentence with the same idea as "The boy eats yogurt." *
10. Put the words in the CORRECT ORDER: all roads lead to Rome *
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11. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE: What did Mr. Schmitt say? *
12. Which is CORRECT? *
13. Which is CORRECT? *
14. Which is CORRECT? *
15. Which is CORRECT? *
16. How do you write this USING NUMBERS? I'd like a dozen doughnuts please. *
17. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE: When your sister came back from school, what were you doing? ______ *
18. Which is CORRECT? *
19. Fill in the blank: When you bought the book, ______ *
20. Fill in the blank: Tomorrow I'm planning to visit my sister. But it will depend on the weather. So, ________. *
21. Fill in the blank: The recession has caused a $1.00 drop in share prices, ______ 45 percent. *
22. Fill in the blank: When I was in school, we ______ study Ancient Latin. *
23. Fill in the blank: We must ______ the roof fixed before it rains. *
24. Fill in the blank: Yesterday I didn't catch the train because my taxi broke down. So, ______. *
25. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE: Why did the chicken cross the road? ______ *
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