Withdrawal Form
Use this form to begin the process of a student leaving ETHS.

The student/guardian will have to check in with each department in person before receiving sign-off from the Registrar.

Upon check in with the Registrar (S127), the parent/guardian will need to present photo ID to confirm that they are registered as the parent/guardian of the student.

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Current Location *
Student ID *
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Student First Name *
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Student Middle Name
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Student Last Name *
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Student Generation, if applicable
Student's Current Grade *
Birth Date *
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Guardian Name *
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Guardian Email *
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Guardian Phone number
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Student's Counselor *
Has 504 plan? *
If yes, ETHS will print the 504 plan upon completion of the Leaving School process.
Has IEP (for Special Ed)? *
Proposed Withdrawal Date *
Last day student will be at ETHS
Reason for Withdrawal/Exit *
Is the student transferring to a school outside of Illinois? *
Withdrawal Requested By *
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Medical Records
By completing this form, I am requesting that a copy of the student's current physical exam and immunizations record (required for new school transfer process) be provided to the Registrar's office for me to pick up as part of the withdrawal packet.
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